B.Net Index Server New Link Updated 2022

B.Net Index Server is best for securely managing your file transfers inside and out of the organization. Ftpbd net is a type of media server that provides movies, telefilms, games, and software for free. This server basically hosted by using the ftp server hosting.


This ftpbd server also has a multiple file transfer protocol web server which is also connected with the multiple domain names and Ip addresses.

The Internet has made our lives much easier. Now people use the internet to do different things in a matter of moments.

Ftpbd Net Movie Server

This is an advanced secure File Transfer Protocol server. It supports SFTP, FTPS, AS2, OFTP2, and other secured protocols. That makes capabilities of events logging, encryption of data-at-rest, additional authentication, access control mechanisms, etc. It has features for DLP and password management.

Also it offers the managed file transfer software and services. It also provides workflow management for handling many actions before and after filing the transfer itself. It is one of the leading providers of these solutions. Its focus is on ease of automation, security, and reliability.

Features of FTPBD NET

  • Ftpbd Net Server can encrypt the data in motion, hence the files will remain secure even during transmission.
  • It has features for authentication so that malicious individuals cannot access files.
  • Also, a features of Data integrity and logging.
  • That provides Data-at-rest encryption and can protect files during storage.
  • As a result, its access control capabilities will let you grant access to files only to authorized people.

Price & Plans

Ftpbd Net MFT Server offers a fully functional 7-day trial license so you can try it yourself. They also offer a price quote for your custom configuration.

How to Access b.net index server

To access the Ftpbd you will need to

  1. Open an account on the otv ftpbd website.
  2. Without opening a user account you can’t be able to access the main server.
  3. Also, all media server of FTPBD has been hidden from a public account.
  4. When you will log in with a user account then you will be available to see all of its media server’s data.

Note: There is no default gateway for access to the alternative FTPBD subdomains like Server3 Ftpbd Net, Server1 Ftpbd Net, and Server 4 Ftpbd Net. So before trying to get access you should need to open an account. But we already said that the discovery ftp server has not provided a free service so you may need to cost some money to open a user account. Also, you can use others Ftp Server BD that we have listed previous time.


FTPBD.NET Server is one of the popular providers of the secure File Transfer Protocol server, managed file transfer, and AS2 Server software in Bangladesh. That offers solutions for securing and managing file transfers through a lot of users and multiple OS and file transfer protocols. Various industry verticals such as healthcare, finance, banking, logistics, government, etc. use MLWBD.

Traditionally FTP clients like Nagordola were applications with the command-line interface. Today’s FTP Client has an easy-to-use interface. They offer an intuitive interface and simplify the process of transferring files. FTP Clients are available in the form of standalone applications, web clients, and extensions to web browsers. They can be used on desktops, servers, and mobile devices.