In the digital world, newspaper is part and parcel of human civilization. Therefore we are Bangladeshi, this article represents about all Bangla newspaper. They’re found hardly a single man who won’t know about newspapers. Specially the educated society can’t go even a single day without it, as in our country, without news papers we can’t think about the current situation of country. It refers the news from home and abroad including sports, novel, books, and published in a paper by the editor. Additionally, every morning we expect a newspaper having a cup of tea.

And that’s why In this webpage, I am going to represent a brief description about 500+ Bangla newspaper. Also I’m describing  them with listing, history, website links. And listing them by local, online, print, daily and Indian Newspaper. And lastly, I will cover the article with frequently asked questions. But at first let me describe about why we gathered this marathon list of the newspaper.

Mainly, we are listing them at one place because of these Bangladeshi newspapers are bringing out all kinds of information like national issues of Bangladesh, political, economic, traditions, health issues etc… Which are performing a vital role in the context of the world. Because more than 265 million people in the world speak in Bengali. So, browse all types of news in one place and stay updated.

List of All Bangla Newspaper


Daily Prothom alo

Bangladesh Pratidin

Daily kaler kantho

Daily Naya Diganta

Daily Amar Sangbad

Protidiner Sangbad

Daily Sangram


Daily Manab Zamin

Dainik Amadershomoy

Bonik Barta



Jai Jai Din

Daily Bhorer Kagoj

Arthoniteer Kagoj

Daily Inqilab


Manob Kantha

Daily Suprobhat

Bangladesh Journal

Daily Dinkal

Alokito Bangladesh

I have listing these papers with popularity, highly credible and reliablity. I hope this list will let you know the history of popularity of papers in Bangladesh. Additionally, these newspaper filled with a several division. Each paper carries different news and different categories. For instance, we can see there is a separate page of editor’s, various ads also published, having a recreation part, also sometimes a comic or funny magazine is attached to it. In the phenomenon, let me tell, by daily, by weekly, by monthly, & yearly newspaper is available in Bangladesh. This article doesn’t need to show all Bangla newspapers, I just listed about some relevant numbers of Bangla Newspaper. A statics are established there is found 400 daily Bangla newspaper throughout the country. But the most relevant daily Bangla news papers are the daily Prothom AloBangladesh PratidinJugantorIttefaqInqilabSamakal and The Daily Star etc. I am going to describe the historical background of those relevant Bangladesh Daily newspapers.

While it’s true that the English newspapers inspired the birth of Bangla language newspapers in the region, the difference lied in the intrinsic goals of the Bangla newspapers. English newspapers in Calcutta were a means of entertainment and profit whereas Bangla newspapers aimed for cultural enhancement and to inform and educate the privileged class.

Daily Bangla Newspaper List

Newspapers are publications consisting of numerous large origami papers with news, advertisements, and other information printed on them. Everyone knows that newspapers are the main source of national news and current affairs. There are more than 1200 daily newspapers in our country. Most of them appear in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. A list of popular Bangladesh newspapers can be found here. Read your favorite Bangla newspaper in this section.
Daily Bangla Newspaper: Here we collect a list of the most popular online versions of Bangla Daily Newspaper. Here is a list of the Bangladesh daily website (online version). All Bangladainikpatrika (দৈনিকপত্রিকা) have an online version. Receive the latest 24/7 Bangla News updates from the bd newspaper: Prothom Alo, Bangladesh Pratidin, Jugantor, Kaler Kantho, The Daily Star, Daily Ittefaq, Daily Inqilab and more.

Prothom Alo is Bangladesh’s most popular daily Bangla newspaper. In terms of distribution, Protom Alo is Bangladesh’s largest daily newspaper. Bangladesh Platydin is the most widely published daily newspaper in Bangladesh. All printed newspapers cost only 5Tk, while Prothom Alo costs 10Tk. ProthomAlo paid for an online e-paper version of the package, but Bangladesh Pratidin, Jugantor, Kaler Kantho, The Daily Ittefaq, Daily Inqilab, Manab Zamin, Samakal, Naya Diganta, and many other newspapers are online for free. I suggest reading the newspaper.

Online Bangla Newspaper

BD News 24

Bangla News 24

Jago News 24




Bangla Insider

Bangla Tribune

Ntv BD

Gonews 24


Daily Bangladesh


BSS News

Bd Journal365

Sotta Sangbad

Media Khabor

ATN Times

Nagorik Kantha

Desher Sangbad



Last News Bd

Times Of Bangla

Bangla Daily 24

Aparadh Chokh


Times World

Somoyer Konthosor


Breaking News

Shersha News

The Report 24

Bangla Telegraph

Natun Barta

Artho Suchak

DMP News

Share News 24

Dhaka Times




The online news portal is the most common way to get all the updated news in a short amount of time. Online news portals are also popular with Bangladeshi people. In Bangladesh, there are two versions of the online news portal, English and Bengali. In the Bangla version, Bengali are easy to understand. That’s why the entire Bangla online news portal is worth it. In this section, today, we listed the most popular online New Sportal websites from the online New Sportal.

All online newspapers can be read from anywhere on the Internet. The online new sportal is released and managed online, so you can easily read from smartphones and other devices. All online newspapers are available around the clock. Latest Update News Headline.
Bangla News: Here’s all online news agency collection lists in Bangla. Get the latest Bangla news 24/7 from the most popular Bangla online news portals (banglanews24, bdNews24, jagonews24, bd24live, bangla tribune, risebd, dhakatimes24, etc.).

There are also many news agencies in Bangladesh. BSS, UNB and APP are one of the most popular of them. BSS is the official state news agency in Bangladesh and was founded on January 1, 1972 from the state office in Dhaka. UNB is a private news agency founded in 1988. We work with AP, United News of India (UNI) and other foreign institutions.

Read Bangla, a popular online news portal from all over Bangladesh. We update the latest news from online news sites such as domestic, overseas, politics, economy, culture, rural, education, information technology, health, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, special reports 24 hours a day. This website can help you meet your needs.

All BD Newspaper Online


Desh News

Sangbad Protidin

Prime News

Barta Bangla

BD Type

Boichitra News


Deshe Bideshe

Alert News


Sheersha Sangbad

Zoom Bangla

Crime Reporter

Zoom Bangla

Crime Reporter


Khobor Protidin

Latest bd news

Barta Bazar

Bangla Kagoj24

Tech Zoom

Bbc 24 News


BD Cricteam

Sada Kalo

Dhaka Protidin


E - Paper

E - Paper

E Jai Jai Din

E Prothom Alo

E Jugantor

E BD Pratidin

E Samakal

E Janakantha

E Naya Diganta

E Bonik Barta

E Financial Express

E Ittefaq

E Kalerkantho

E amadershomoy

Most Popular and assortment of all Bangladeshi [BD] on-line Bangla [Bengali] news organisation and Newspaper [Patrika] sites. People’s Republic of Bangladesh news: notice the most recent Bengali news from national, regional, international on-line media yet as from radio and tv channel. Follow twenty four hours Bangla news in an exceedingly single page. Bangla Newspaper bangladeshi newspapers daily bangla newspaper bangladeshi newspaper Bangladeshi Bangladesh Bangla News Daily 24 News 24 Newspaper News 24 Newspaper twenty four bd news, bd ns, bd ws, bangla nws, bangla ns,

BD ewspaper bangla press agency BD News Bangla bangladesh newspapers the daily all bangla newspaper online all bangladeshi bangla newspaper bangladesh news all BD news all bangla news Bangladesh Newspaper All Bangladeshi Newspaper all bengali patrika all bangla newspaper Online Bangla Newspaper all bangla news paper > bangla newspaper of on-line version Live Newspaper twenty four live BD newspaper BD Newspaper Newspaper > News with 24/7 Bangladesh newspaper directory all Bangladesh newspapers BD newspaper BD BD Newspaper: List of all BD and Bangla news organisation from everywhere the world at one place, no got to go anyplace else.

All Bangla Newspaper - [Local News]

Mymensingh Pratidin


Gramer Kagoj

Andoloner Bazar

Chakaria News

Amar Noakhali

Prothom Feni

Laksmipur 24

Teknaf News

Sylhet Express


Barisal News

Bogra Sangbad

Rajshahir Somoy

Mukto Khobor 24

Chadpur Times

Kuakata News

Dinajpur News

Daily Sylhet

Surma Times

Amader Barisal

Daily Karatoa

Satkhira News

Dainik Sylhet

Daily Coxsbazar


Ajker Jamalpur

Daily Khowai

Chattagram News

Rajshahi News 24

Matha Bhanga

Khulna News

Ukhiya News

Coxsbazar News

Daily Purbanchal

Ctg Times

Amader Comilla

Daily Purbokone

Daily Azadi

List of all local Bangla news websites around Bangladesh. A local newspaper/tabloid is the best source for local news and learning about local businesses, activities, and people. A local or regional newspaper serves a region and plays an important role in the local communities. Read local newspapers from all over Bangladesh. The list is given here popular daily regional print newspaper and online news portal local from Dhaka, Chittagong, Barisal, Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet, Mymensingh, and Rangpur.

All Bangla Newspaper - [Indian News]

Ananda Bazar

Aaj Kaal


24 Ghanta

ABP Ananda

NDTV Bengali

Syandan Patrika

Sangbad Pratidin

Bartaman Patrika


Asomiya Pratidin

Nababarta Prasanga


Uttarbanga Sambad


Dainik Sambad

Aamader Malda


India has the second largest newspaper market in the world. Over 1000,000 publications are on the register. So it’s a huge amount of newspapers. You will be surprised to see more than 100 million newspapers sold in one day in India. The 2013 statistics show that number. But over the years, people are engaged in online newspapers every day. In this way, Indian newspaper publications for getting news on the Internet have emerged. English and Hindi newspapers are more popular in India.

The main income of the newspaper comes from the advertisements in the newspaper. More newspapers from India appear every day. We have tried to provide you with the most popular and selective newspaper list. No more searching for news. Bookmark this page and visit it regularly to get the latest news and updates from India.

  • Times of India (TOI): The Times of India is India’s most popular English newspaper. The newspaper was founded in 1838. The Times of India has an approximate circulation of 3.14 million.
  • The Hindu: Hinduism is one of the most popular newspapers in India. Hindus are published in large format and in English. Hinduism was founded in 1878. The approximate circulation of Hindus is 1,466,304.
  • Hindustan Times (HT): Hindustan Times is also a major English newspaper. The newspaper was founded in 1924. The Hindustan Times has an approximate circulation of  1,143,000.
  • Indian Express: Indian Express is owned by the Indian Express Group. The newspaper was founded in 1931. A newspaper published in large format.
  • The Pioneer: Pioneer is published in English. It can be found in Bhubaneswar, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Delhi, Lunch, Lucknow and Raipur. The daily newspaper was founded in 1865.
  • Deccan Herald (DH): Deccan Herald (DH) is a daily newspaper published by the state of Karnataka. The newspaper is owned by the Nettakallappa family. You can find it in Bangalore, Mangaluru, Hubli, Mysore and New Delhi. The daily newspaper was first published in  1948.
  • The Telegraph: Popular newspaper in Kolkata. The newspaper comes from the house of the popular Bengal newspaper Ananda Bazaar Patrika (ABP). Beginning in 1982, it will soon become one of the market leaders in the region. It can be found in Kolkata, Guwahati, Siliguri, Ranch, Jorhat, Bhubaneswar and Patna. The approximate circulation of The Telegraph is 484,971.

History of Bangla Newspaper

If we see the origin of the newspaper, we have to see the European entire world. The time when needed to deliver a news by writing at hand. The local merchant used to deliver the news by writing a letter each other. Though the article is about Bangla newspaper, so it is recommended to express Bangladesh newspaper’s history. But to need, Let me say its origin for proper thesis. For the record it before 1400’s, this time the German society used to hold a published newspaper. 

A statics says that, in the present world, there are publishing 6580 daily newspapers. Now it is time to write the history of this sub continent area that India Bangladesh. In this subcontinent, at first the journalism has grown up in India (especially in presently Kolkata). A newspaper named as ” India Hickey’s Bengal Gazette” considered the first published newspaper in the southern region. May we know al this name. Bangla, Urdu, Hindi and Persian, this four newspapers are non-English newspaper , considered basically Bangla News paper published in there. Serampore, a region of Kolkata, there were published a lot of newspaper as like the birth of several language newspapers. In addition, about 1818, Bengali journalism was grown up. 

“Samachar Darpan” was the first published Bangla Newspaper, in May 23, from the relevant place Press of Seramore Mission. But at first, it was published as a monthly base by Carey and Marshman. But in very soon, it started to publish as weekly base newspaper as like holding Bangla News. It holds both foreign and subcontinent news. But several incidents occurred, and it was ended in 1852. As like “Digdarshan” was published at the same time. “Sambad kaumudi“, this was maintained by Rammohan Roy. If we say about first Bengali daily newspaper then it in none but “Sambad Pravakar”, published in 1839, under the maintenance of Iswar Chandra Gupta. From Dhaka, “Rangpur Bartabaha” was the first weekly Bangla newspaper. But from the 19th century, it was published all regions of the country.

Bangladesh Most Popular Newspaper Prothom Alo

Bangladesh newspaper Prothom Alo, it’s miles a form of broadsheet posted newspaper. The proprietor of this newspaper is Transcom group. The writer and editor of this newspaper is Matiur Rahman. It is based in November 4, 1998. Now it`s the maximum famous and examine newspaper throughout the country. Published shape Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Karwan bazaar Dhaka. In the yr of 2009 in January, Bangla newspaper Prothom Alo crosses above 435000 circulation. Basically this newspaper combat for women`s rights, acid violence. 

The precept Of this Newspaper is ” Bodle Dao, Bodle Jao.” Bangladesh newspaper Ittefaq, is stated because the second biggest and maximum examine Bangla newspaper in Bangladesh. It is additionally stated that at the prevailing time, that is the oldest posted Bengali information papers . It has broadsheet and on-line edition,. Owner of this newspaper is an Ittefaq Group of Publications Ltd. The founders are Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani and Yar Mohammad Khan . Publisher call is Mohibul Ahsan Shawon and editor is Anwar Hossain Manju . Published from 40, Karwan Bazar, Dhaka 1205; Kazlarper Demra, Dhaka 1232,Dhaka. This changed into first posted in 1953 as a weekly newspaper. Everybody knows, withinside the time of our liberation war.

Bangla newspaper Ittefaq has a first-rate position to acquire our preferred destiny. So it’s miles taken into consideration that this newspaper has a unique ancient significance. Daily Jugantor Bangla Newspaper, it has additionally Broadsheet writer. The writer call is Salma Islam. Published from Daily Manabzamin 12/7 Uttar Kamlapur, Dhaka, Bangladesh . The identify of this newspaper, ” Sotto Prokashe Aposhin”. Thus , Jugantor Bangla newspaper may be very famous for rural people. It has numerous capabilities that make it some thing unique. As like Protimoncho, Bicchu, tara Jhil mil, khelar Mela, sastho kushol etc.

Bangladesh 2nd Popular Newspaper BBC Bangla

BBC Bangla News, or Bangla News also has some related steps in the area of journalism in Bangladesh. However, very early in 2011, “Kaler Kontho” was founded by Abed Khan. This newspaper is considered a brave newspaper nationwide. Abed Khan is a personally courageous journalist. Bangladesh Protidin newspaper is also a related newspaper. This is a daily newspaper only. However, if you look at all Bengal newspapers, there are also some related magazines called Anondobazar Potrika, Bichitra, Suveccha, etc., which are usually published monthly and the basic result is to provide recreation to the public. 

Bangla Newspaper Online is also available now at this internet time. This refers to web newspapers found on the internet or websites. Here you will receive all updated news before publication. All updates and features are available by simply visiting the Hosting website after 00:00. You can also read newspaper articles, where you will find all the Bangla newspapers. We are Bangladesh, we have our own Bangla newspaper. I agree that some newspapers may publish incorrect information. Or maybe someone published the news to benefit. We know that newspaper needs to publish true and natural news. She is responsible for the illegal journalists involved in politics. She recommends escaping these illegal activities.


Now you can read all Bangladeshi newspapers with one click. Yes, you don’t have to search for your favorite Bangladeshi newspaper or e-paper. From this site you can read Bangladeshi newspapers in any language. Simply click on your favorite newspaper icon to open a new tab. Newspapers can be changed easily. There are multiple categories, listing all newspapers available around the world. You can compare news items from several newspapers in Bangladesh.

Our website provides a list of almost all Bangladeshi, English, and online newspapers available in Bangladeshi and Bangladeshi-speaking communities at home and abroad. There are all major national newspapers in both Bangladesh and English. We have also listed all local newspapers from major sectors, states, counties, and local cities. The Local Newspaper section contains newspapers that cover local news.

We started our journey in 2022. Now we are the most popular news aggregator and newspaper directory of Bangladesh (BD). We have listed here almost all online Bangla newspapers – national, regional, Bengali editions of international newspapers and news agencies. This list also included television media, business, technology, sports and health based newspapers. Newspapers listed here covered news of world politics, business, sports, technology, and economic related issues. We are committed to serve as far we can, please stay with us.


All Probashi newspapers available to Indians living in the Bangladeshi community abroad and major cities abroad. The Bangladesh newspaper list also includes the most popular websites that provide Bangladesh news, Indian news, and international “online” news (also known as the Bangladesh news site 24/7). We have received many requests to add new newspapers, especially for online news sites, and we are honored to be able to add them. 

If you missed something, feel free to send it. Check and add. Almost every day, we publish more Bangladeshi newspapers from local cities. If you don’t see your favorite city newspaper here, click Send to your favorite to all locals living in Bangla, India, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe, Middle East and other regions. It is recommended to add a newspaper. Your newspaper.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

The London Sunday Times described him as a “political poet.” The Sunday Observer wrote: “No other real Bengali leader like Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in terms of his physique and facial features.” Bangabandhu was a leader in a small and poor South Asian country, but it is doubtful that modern leaders have become world-famous like him. His success was largely limited to leading the Bengali to independence. His success in rebuilding a war-torn country in just three and a half years is noteworthy.

With these 5 steps you can read any types of Bangladeshi newspaper to improve your reading skill. Those are:

  1. Read news at the right level for you
  2. Take a look at the headlines
  3. Write down new vocabulary
  4. Choose news stories that interest you
  5. Pay attention to passive tenses

As per the disclosure of the Information Minister at the National Parliament in January 2018, there are 3,025 registered print media in Bangladesh and 1,191 of them are daily newspapers. Of the dailies, 470 are based in the capital city, Dhaka.

Bangladesh is one of the few countries where newspapers industry may survive for many years despite the fact that some old newspapers closed down while some reduced their circulation drastically in the last two decades. Daily Ittefaq is the country’s oldest newspaper which maintained a good circulation (over 425,000 copies) till the mid-1990s. The circulation of this daily has dropped to as below as 50,000 copies. On the other hand, the circulation of one of the new Bengali newspapers Bangladesh Protidin, founded in 2010, is several times higher than Daily Ittefaq.

Creating a news website may seem to be hard work, considering the size and reach of companies such as The New York Times or The Washington Post. However, anyone can start an online news portal today, in just a few easy steps. Technically, you can start a news website in four steps:

  • Pick a domain name and a web host.
  • Install WordPress with a selected theme.
  • Set up WordPress plugins to expand your functionality.
  • Create website categories, their structure, and start publishing.

However, local publications are often much smaller and might not have as quick of a response time. That’s why the first pitch is so important. 5 Crucial Tips if You Want to Write for Local Publications.

  1. Find a local angle
  2. Always look for stories
  3. Pitch far in advance
  4. Know your competition
  5. Emphasize your familiarity with the area